Best Soundbars Under £100 – Reviews 2019 – 2020

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Samsung HW-J250 Detailed sound quality – Clearer vocals – Can be wall mounted – Easy to set-up and use – 3D Sound Plus – Bluetooth connectivity High end Learn More Here!
LG LAS260B 2.1 Channel surround sound – Ultra Slim Design – Bluetooth connectivity – LG Bluetooth Remote App Mid range Learn More Here!
Philips HTL2163B/05 Bluetooth connectivity – Useable with TV, MP3 and Gaming Consoles – Additional Subwoofer High end Learn More Here!

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Top Sound Bars for Under £100

Before we start comparing different sound bars I think it may be useful to fully understand what a sound bar is. In most cases, they are referred to as sound bars but may also be called media bars by some companies. They are a type of loud speaker that projects sound into a room to create a more cinematic experience and can be mounted above or below display screens.

Samsung HW-J250 Review – Our Number 1

Samsung HW-J250 ReviewThe Samsung brand is the leader of the pack and as you would expect from a manufacture that creates a wide range of high quality goods this sound will not disappoint you (learn more here!). Some of the features of this sound bar include:

  • This sound bar allows you to enjoy more detailed and immersive sound.
  • Clearer vocal performances and creates a cinematic sound experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • This sound bar can also be easily wall mounted and the required bracket and screws are included.
  • This product is also very easy to set-up and use so make it extremely user friendly.
  • Two speakers for high and mid-range sounds with two woofers to accommodate the bass.
  • This soundbar has 3D Sound Plus to get you even more involved with the shows and films you are watching.
  • Wireless streaming and connection is achieved via Bluetooth connectivity and can be used with TV and games consoles.

The Samsung HW-J250 2.2 Sound Bar in Black is a fantastic purchase at an extremely reasonable price for the excellent piece of tech you are getting. It will without doubt create a deep and immersive sound experience for you in your own home while watching the latest blockbuster film or whilst devilling into the most recent game releases.


Features: Detailed sound quality – Clearer vocals – Can be wall mounted – Easy to set-up and use – 3D Sound Plus – Bluetooth connectivity

Pricing – High End


LG LAS260B Review – Number 2

LG LAS260B ReviewLG is another one of the markets front runners when it comes to all things tech, so it’s no surprise that this soundbar has made it to the number 2 slot of this product review. As you would expect LG have packed this little piece of tech with many useful features such as;

  • This product offers 2.1 channel surround sound with added bass to enhance your viewing experience.
  • This soundbar has a sleek and ultra slim design which makes it easy to incorporate and aesthetically pleasing.
  • The addition of the Bluetooth facility makes it possible to stream music from your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device.
  • There is also a simple app that can be downloaded that allows you to control the soundbar from your phone.

The LG LAS260B 2.0 Ch 100W Soundbar with Bluetooth Optical and Jack-input Wall mountable device is a perfect option if you are looking to purchase a middle of the road sound bar system. It will provide great quality sound and is easy to install and the app makes it super easy to use.


Features: 2.1 Channel surround sound – Ultra Slim Design – Bluetooth connectivity – LG Bluetooth Remote App

Pricing – Mid Range



Philips HTL2163B/05 Review – Number 3

Philips HTL2163B/05 ReviewThe third and final soundbar in this review comes from the tried and trusted brand of Philips and wil not disappoint you. Like the other soundbars reviewed it comes with a variety of features that make it a desire piece of tech to add to your home.  The highlights of this soundbar are as follows;

  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows for wireless streaming of music from your Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • This device comes with EasyLink which allows you to control all of your HDMI CEC devices with a single remote.
  • This product not only works with TV’s but with DVD players, gaming consoles and MP3 players.
  • It also comes with an additional external subwoofer to enhance the bass experience.
  • It comes with the screws and brackets needed to be wall mounted if desired.

The Philips HTL2163B/05 120W Dolby Digital Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer is the king when it comes to bass as the addition of the subwoofer makes the bass an intense and bone shaking experience. The ability to use it while gaming is also an added bonus if you are an avid gamer who likes to get totally submerged into the games environment.


Features: Bluetooth connectivity – Useable with TV, MP3 and Gaming Consoles – Additional Subwoofer

Pricing – High End




The cream of the crop must go to the Samsung HW-J250 2.2 Sound Bar in Black, not only does it have a simple yet stylish design with fantastic sound quality, it also comes at a price most households can afford. You won’t find a better soundbar on the market at this price, with all of the features that this beauty has to offer.



Best Soundbar Under £200 – Top 3 In 2019 – 2020

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Yamaha YAS-203 Great bass quality From sub woofer, Crisp Treble, Clear Mid Ranges, Air surround, Mobile Blue tooth, AMP Mid-Range Learn More Here!
Yamaha YAS105 High quality sound, Blue tooth compatible, Small foot print High-End Learn More Here!
Roth Bar 3 Touch Panel, Wireless, Good quality sound with a subwoofer and affordable Affordable Learn More Here!

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Top 3 – Best Sound Bars For Under £200

Some of the higher end sound bars easily exceed the £1000 mark, that doesn’t mean to say that you can’t invest in a decent sound bar for any less.

In this article I have rounded up 3 of the best sound bars for under £200.00. While some of the models lack some of the more advanced features you would get in the higher end models, they still pack a decent punch and would still give you a superior sound than your typical flat screen TV speakers.

It is a question I am regularly asked; what is the best soundbar under £200? A cheap and cheerful option is perfect if you are on a tight budget but want a decent alternative to your TV’s native speakers. If you are anything like me and have a keen interest in gaming consoles and movies, then you will want good sound that brings you in on the action as opposed to sitting outside of it and observing it.

The sound bars covered in this post are certainly a step up from your TV sound but not quite the higher end products. For the review to find what is the best sound bar in 2015, follow this link.

Yamaha YAS-203 Review – Number 1

Yamaha YAS-203The Yamaha The YSP-2500 (learn more here!) has made it to the number 1 position in the Best Sound Bar Of 2015 post and a Yamaha is number 1 and number 3 for this post too. The YAS-203 is our number 1 sound bar you can get for under £200 and here are the reasons why;

  • Exceedingly good bass quality by using the Advanced Bass Extension Processing, surrounding you in high resolution, deep and powerful bass
  • The YAS-203 produces loud, expansive and ultra clear sound
  • Wireless sub woofer for added deep bass without the hassle of tidying cables
  • Slim and sleek design which has a small physical footprint and looks tidy in front or under a TV
  • Air Surround Extreme feature provides a virtual surround sound feel with a rich, cohesive sound placement with all different types of audio, from movies, to gaming to sport and music. Surround yourself in high quality, clear sound
  • Easy to operate mobile app for iOS and Android to control the settings and sound quality while enjoying your movies, games or music
  • The sound bar itself contains a high quality, premium digital amp and 2 x 5.5cm cone speakers giving you optimal sound which is clear and concise
  • A high powered sub woofer which is 16cm backed by a large magnet to produce a deep yet a smooth bass – it really will bring the movies that you watch to life so you feel part of it
  • Clear Voice feature enhances and increases the volume when dialogue is active controlling the remaining sound quality. Exclusive to Yamaha technology, this feature enables audio to be crisp and clear – can be switch on and off depending on the type of media that is playing
  • Automatic standby mode to conserve power when nothing is playing and easily switched on
  • Bluetooth technology allowing for streaming audio right from your smart phone or wireless device so you can enjoy optimal sound quality from any device making The YSP-2500 a wireless HiFi system
  • IR repeater function, so if The YSP-2500 is sat in front of your TV, it will repeat the signal from your remote to your TV


A bargain of a price point for a very good sound bar, The YSP-2500 has some great features with very good sound quality. Able to stream music from Bluetooth devices, delivery a high quality, deep bass and with crisp, clear audible voices; The YSP-2500 is a premium sound bar at an economic price.

The best of the bunch by far!


Yamaha YAS-105 Review – Number 2

Yamaha YAS 103Another very good Yamaha sound bar, The YAS-105 is a good buy at a decent price point. As far as entry level sound bars go, you will be hard pushed to find any better than The YAS-105. Here are some of its best features;

  • Sound bar containing two 6.5cm cone speakers partnering with the dual driver 7.5cm cone sub woofer all powered by a digital amplifier giving you a total of 120 watts of high quality sound
  • Advanced Bass Extension process delivering an amazing feel of deep yet smooth bass in the surround mode
  • Exclusive to Yamaha The Air Surround Xtreme provides an impacting 7.1-channel surround sound in a premium quality
  • Compatible with Dolby Surround Sound and DTS Digital Surround sound giving you a true cinematic experience
  • Free application for the iOS and Android to control The YAS-105 right from your smart phone
  • Stream music and video audio from your smart phone directly to the high quality speakers
  • Another Yamaha exclusive, The Music Enhancer delivers the ultimate in depth and clarity to the music you play
  • Automatic on/off with the Bluetooth standby mode
  • IR Repeater in case The YAS-105 blocks the signal from your remote to your TV
  • Clear voice feature for clear voice and dialogues


A very good number 2, a few features behind The YSP-2500 but still packs a powerful punch in terms of sound quality. It has some very good features for the price it comes in at and is a good buy for an affordable sound bar.



Roth Bar 3 Sound Bar Review – Number 3

Roth Bar 3A British manufacturer, Roth, The Bar 3. Winner of The AV Forums Best Buy award and it certainly proves to be a very good sound bar for a decent price point. While it doesn’t have the HDMI or ARC inputs, it still serves to be a very good product with great sound quality, a good set of features and it looks good. Here are some of its features;

  • Bright display panel which can also be dimmed or switched off
  • Bluetooth connectivity allowing for streaming of music from Bluetooth enabled disabled devices such as smart phones and tablets
  • Handy and easy to use remote control which gives you all the quick functions you would need
  • Decent quality audio output even with the lack of a HDMI connection
  • 4 High quality mid range drivers
  • 2 high frequency, clear tweeters
  • A good quality wireless sub woofer to provide that much needed bass


Another good quality sound bar. It does not include some of the features The YSP-2500 or The YAS-103 does, but it is at a lower price point. For a budget sound bar, The Bar 3 is a decent option.




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What Is The Best Sound Bar In 2019 – 2020 ?

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Yamaha YSP 2500 Amazing 5.1 surround sound feel, Intelli Beam function, Wireless sub woofer, Sleek & slim design, Infra red repeater, Nifty smart phone app High-End Learn More Here!
Sony HT NT3 Great sound quality, Wireless Sub woofer, Dolby TrueHD sound Mid-Range Learn More Here!
Sony HTCT770 Good sound quality along with S-Force Pro, 1 touch NFC & Bluetooth, SongPal smartphone app Mid-Range Learn More Here!

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Which Is The Best Sound Bar ?

As mentioned on the home page, with televisions becoming thinner and thinner we find ourselves losing the sound quality. There is only so much space left inside the TV, most of the resources would be dedicated to the picture quality. Lets face it most of us would buy the TV initially on the picture quality, and the sound quality would come second.

To appreciate and to experience a movie or a sports event, having high quality picture at 1080p is certainly a very important factor. Without good picture, you simply cannot fully appreciate the action sequences in a blockbuster movie or be part of that truly amazing goal.

The same goes for sound, while many of us have settled for the sub-acceptable sound quality that TV speakers have given us, however, those of us who do truly appreciate good cinema or just good TV viewing experience have invested in a sound bar.

A sound bar doesn’t need to be super expensive, once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without it. They are great in the sense that, they will not only enhance the sound of your TV, but can also function as a Bluetooth, wireless speaker for your phone, tablet or any other wireless device.

If you have a projector, then having a sound bar is crucial as (in most cases) it will be the only source of sound you will get.

So back to the original question, what is the best sound bar?

The Top 3 Sound Bars Of 2015

Yamaha YSP-2500 Review – Number 1

Yamaha YSP-2500If there is an electronic manufacturing company that know their sound, its Yamaha! When it comes to sound bars, Yamaha does excel above many others. The YSP-2500 (learn more here!) delivers full clear and impact-full sound that stretches around the room giving you the full feel of movies, TV, sports and games that you are watching. Here are some of the reasons that has made The YSP-2500 our number 1 sound bar;

  • Sound surrounds the room beyond the sound bar itself very well giving you the true feel of surround sound without lingering cables
  • Rich and powerful bass tones that you can feel and bring you in on the action in the movie or game and help you feel the experience rather than just watching it
  • Very close to a 5.1 surround sound in the way The YSP-2500 directs sound around the room
  • IntelliBeam function optimises the sound further to match the size of your room
  • Wireless sub woofer bring you amazing bass which is powerful enough so you can feel it bringing you into the movie
  • Sleek and slim design to a very high quality finish
  • 16 individual speakers reside behind the grill, each driven by its own allocated 2 watt of amp power – used to “beam” and “bounce” sound around the room
  • 3 HDMI inputs for instant high resolution sound
  • Bright and readable display for instant feedback
  • Infra red repeater in case The YSP-2500 blocks your TV remote signal
  • Microphone included to feedback the sound so The YSP-2500 can calibrate itself
  • Set up the microphone to where you would normally sit in the room, The YSP-2500 will give you 10 seconds to leave the room while it calibrates itself to optimum output
  • Smart phone app for easy setting at your finger tips
  • Targeting mode – if you are sitting to one side of the room, The YSP-2500 is able to “project” the sound in your direction so you can appreciate it better – this is ideal if you live in an open plan room and you are watching TV while cooking in the kitchen or if someone is sleeping next door, then you can have the sound focussed on you instead of having it bouncing around the room


A very clever and powerful sound bar from Yamaha, The YSP-2500 is a premium sound system. It is almost a cross over from the sound bar category to the sound system category. While delivering a good amount of power, The YSP-2500 also has some clever features like the microphone and sound calibration, so it actually measures the sound around your room in order to deliver the highest audio quality possible.

With HDMI connectivity, IR repeater, smart phone app and a very powerful subwoofer, The YSP-2500 is one of the best sound bars available.


Sony HT-NT3 Review – Number 2

Sony HT-NT3Another very well known manufacturer who know their home electronic equipment, Sony bring us The HT-NT3 sound bar. The HT-NT3 is a very good quality sound bar with Bluetooth connectivity as well as HDMI connectivity and partners up very well with its powerful sub woofer. Here are some of the reasons to buy The HT-NT3;

  • Exceptional quality high resolution sounds
  • Sleek, slim profile making it aesthetically pleasing in any setting
  • 400 watts of power and high quality audio which you cannot go wrong with
  • Built-in music streaming with Spotify Connect and Google Cast
  • SongPal link enables music anywhere at anytime with wireless connectivity
  • Play music directly from your smart phone or other Bluetooth enabled device directly to The HT-NT3 using its LDAC Bluetooth technology
  • 2.1 Channel bring you the full action pulling you into the movie, game or sports you are watching
  • Wireless subwoofer giving you amazing bass which you will be able to feel
  • S-Force Pro Cinematic sound which mimics real surround sound with the use of time lag, volume and sound wave spectrum matching the way the brain correlates sound
  • Dolby TrueHD sound for the way the sound should be in a movie, bringing you unmatched audio fidelity for any content you would play on it
  • Slim design and premium build – made from high quality aluminium and a slick glass front which works nicely in looking a premium product and slim build to fit nicely beneath your TV for wall mounting
  • DTS-HD bringing you the highest quality in clear and crisp sound from any of the content you play
  • Wireless sub woofer making for a tidier set up, while compact it delivers a strong, powerful bass that will hit hard
  • Multiple HDMI ports for simple and instant connectivity delivering the highest in sound quality
  • USB connectivity to instantly play your audio files for lossless audio. Connecting your laptop or audio device, you will be able to play a variety of files, MP3, WMA and AAC with 192kHz sound.


A very good sound bar from Sony, The HT-NT3 has 400 watts of power, with Bluetooth connectivity, a wireless sub woofer, with the Dolby TrueHD sound and the USB connectivity and the mid-range price point – you cannot go wrong with this purchase. A very good second best to The YSP-2500 at a more affordable price point.



Sony HTCT770 Review – Number 3

Sony HTCT770Another very good sound bar from Sony. The HTCT770 is a very good entry-level sound bar for those who want good quality sound but want to keep the spending to a limit. While I said it is a good entry level sound bar, it is certainly better quality than pretty much all of the available TV’s natural sound. There are certainly cheaper options out there for sound bars, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for and with The HTCT770, you get some very good features along with high quality audio. Here are some of the best features of the The HTCT770;

  • 2.1 Channel sound bringing you inside of what you are watching rather than sitting outside
  • No messy cables for the wireless sub woofer which can be hidden or tucked away under the table
  • 4 Individual sound drivers to deliver the best in virtual surround sound
  • 330 watts power delivering great power in audio surround sound
  • 3 HDMI inputs giving you ultra clear high resolution sound quality
  • Wireless and powerful sub woofer to give you high quality bass which compliments the sound bar exceptionally well
  • NFC and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3D virtual sound giving you a natural and realistic feel
  • S-Force Pro front surround
  • SongPal smartphone app to control the speakers and access online music


A very good sound bar for a lower price point, The HTCT770 delivers some great features like wireless sub woofer, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI inputs and Bluetooth connectivity you will definitely get your money’s worth.




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